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We help Blockchain Startups grow and connect with investors.

Zytech 123 represents your Startup in Silicon Valley.

Zytech 123 is an Advisory Firm based in San Francisco.

  • We represent and help Startups to grow and get funding in Silicon Valley and globally.
  • We introduce startups to new markets. We are specially well-positioned to help gain traction in Spain, Latin America, and China.
  • With our connections, we will design the whole strategy for our customers, including finding the right strategic partners and investors.
  • Zytech 123 specializes on blockchain companies marketing, social media, tokenomics and listing in exchanges.
  • We connect investors with the best opportunities in the blockchain industry.
Our mission

As a Silicon Valley-based advisory firm, specialized in Emerging Tech and Blockchain, we help startups to grow their Business in the US and connect them with investors.?

We design the whole strategy for our customers, including marketing and finding strategic partners and investors. We provide other tailor-made services in other markets (Spain, and LatAm).?

Zytech 123

Zytech 123 is an American Blockchain & Emerging Tech Advisory Firm with offices in Silicon Valley, NYC and world-class partners in China, Spain and Canada.

Zytech 123

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